Making Small Business Big 

We educate and train committed business owners who struggle with issues of growth and development.  We serve as a lighthouse, helping owners avoid common pitfalls that may not be obvious. With coaching, tools, and our strategies, we help owners become secure, strategic, and profitable.

Evo Pro Biz helps entrepreneurs to be better business owners. Period. 

Our transparent business practices and specialized solutions make us stand out from competitors.


Services that we provide include business education and growth strategies; individual and group mentoring/coaching; notary and signing agent convenience services; and various written communications.



In addition to several business packages, we offer individual services that provide you with only what you need. You can view a short sample of our business services and consulting options with a simple click of the box below. You may visit the full services menu directly by clicking Services

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Individual and Group Consulting

Ready to learn your options and make a choice about business matters? We're here to help! We're available for you to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, get feedback on things you are working on or considering, network connections on your behalf, and much more!

Free Business Strategy Consultations

We offer free consultations for up to 30 minutes to discuss your business needs. Make an appointment here.


We empower you to get clear on matters through targeted questions/assessments, direct your research of issues, and more! Learn more by clicking the arrow below. 

Business Appraisal and Assessment

If you are already operating your business but not achieving proper success, let's figure out why!



To equip committed business owners with structure and the necessary tools to operate their businesses efficiently, reduce the probability of failure, help increase revenue, and protect their legacies.  

Our Creed

Making Small Business Big –

Evo Pro Biz Waters The Seed That Makes Businesses Grow!

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TONI M. ZAVANA, Juris Doctor
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