In groups of no more than 50 participants, we go deep to give you an intensive, focused approach to learning the intricacies of successfully running your business. This is school! The focus sessions are designed to help you save time and money by learning the core business items most relevant to your success. These 2-4 hour-long group sessions are available at two levels and a bonus: foundational, advanced and mastery. Each session includes lectures, interactive instruction, hands-on application, and open chat/discussion. All sessions are live, include file and/or screen sharing and the audiotapes are available for review. At the end of the week, an entire power hour is devoted to your questions and answers to ensure that you get what you need! Worksheets, templates and fact sheets are provided for all sessions, but bring your notebook! There will be so much information shared that you want to get in everything. Upon request, a free 30-minute 1:1 meeting with Toni Zavana is also available. 


Protect what you've built. For advanced-owners in operation bringing in a profit. utilizes the application of concepts and knowledge to make you more revenue!


Deep dive to understand the legal ramifications that business owners face.